IKA-Coaching LTD (IKA) has been active in Israel since 2002 nationwide in the fields of coaching and consulting.
IKA is the largest company in Israel for certification of coaches (through its Certification Division) and for implementation of coaching aspects in consulting businesses and organizations (through its Business Division).
Since its establishment, IKA has tutored over 7,000 coaches, comprising about 60% of the coaches’ community in Israel.
The results-driven thinking based coaching and consulting methodology was developed by Reuven Katz, the founder of IKA and has been proven over the years and over thousands of cases, as the generator of significant changes that produce "breakthroughs" in personal life, in business and management aspects of organizations.
The IKA certification was internationally recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This implies that graduates of IKA courses are eligible to obtain an international ICF certification through IKA, subject to completion of the accreditation obligations. The ICF qualification levels that can be obtained are for a personal life and group coach (PCI) and for a senior coach with a distinct specialization (MCI).
The certification program of IKA consists of the most extensive and unique coaching materials, and is the only one in Israel, which complies with the highest professional standards and academic bars.
IKA maintains extensive collaborations with the highest class of academic institutions in Israel, including those with international reputation, such as: the Technion, the Hebrew University, Tel Hai College and Sapir College. These institutions hold the IKA certification programs for both coaches and consultants using the results-driven thinking methodology.
The lectures are given by ICF MCI level coaches, all with the highest expertise in both coaching and lecturing skills.
Upon completion of the IKA certification, PCI level students can coach clients on various topics, such as: career and academic aspirations, relationships within the family, work-life balance, improving leisure time and well-being aspects of their clients’ life.
IKA believes in teaching in small groups and in a family-like atmosphere with personal attention to each and every student. Regardless of whether students choose a coaching career or not, students of the coaching courses benefit from effective thinking tools for their personal development in all aspects of their life.
IKA is considered an exclusive academic authority in Israel. Over the years, IKA has issued 13 original books about the subject of coaching and about mastering specific specializations in coaching. This literature is used as a source of official and professional bibliographic literature in the field of coaching, both nationally and internationally.
Moreover, IKA, as a leader in the field of coaching in Israel is also pioneering in terms of global market penetration. This is done by building new and strong partnerships with schools abroad that specialize in coaching, consulting and other related fields.
To this end, IKA has developed and is already practicing a structured online methodology, based on various technological means, which enables distant learning of coaching and consulting professions and their specializations (e.g. family relationships, career, ADHD, online coaching, sales coaching, strategic consulting, etc.).
This methodology allows the students to study, practice and perform coaching sessions online without any dependence on the geographic location of the course participants.
The leading values IKA believes in ​​are:
  1. Uncompromised professionalism
  2. Family atmosphere
  3. Honesty and integrity
  4. Innovation accessibility, availability and internationalism

About IKA-Coaching LTD

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