Benefits of IKA's - graduation programs 
hen program Coaching LTD

 a. The program includes specialization and graduation in one concentrated effective course
17 years of experience in training of more than 7500 graduates who constitute Ika's
coaching community throughout the country    

  c. Coaching methodology that proved its effectiveness in thousands of cases
The main program in Israel that has been examined and approved as a methodology that

    meets academic standards    
The specific methodology proffesional structure, enable the graduates, immediatelly after the
 course to coach effectively although the minimal experince    
The lecturers are senior trainers and MCI experts with wide experience in teaching and coaching   
The course provides effective tools and ways of thinking for personal and professional
              development of participants, in all areas of life, regardless the choose to be a coach    

  h. The  course is rich in training components and based on more than 10 original books of IKA
        in the field of coaching    

i. Professional and business guidance for graduates after completing the course, in order to build    a successful coaching business 

j. Integrating the graduates in online coache's index of Israeli Coaching Association
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