Dr. Lior David (DMD, MBA, MCI, PCC, CEO of IKA-Coaching LTD) is a member of the Israeli and International Coaching Federation and has possesses the following degrees:
  • Dental Surgery from the Faculty of Dentistry Timsioara - Romania
  • MBA from the University of Haifa
  • Master of coaching from the Technion Institution of Israel
  • Professional strategic advisor from the Technion Institution of Israel
  • Fluent Romanian and English speaker
Currently serves as:
  • CEO of IKA and senior: lecturer, strategic consultant and coach
  • Lecturer of coaching and strategic consultant certification courses - Technion Institution
  • Lecturer of management coaching specialization courses - Technion institute
  • Co-director of the medical coaching specialization methodology
  • Manager and developer of the online coaching / strategic consultant specialization methodology
  • Coaching supervision director - at the interface between IKA and Israeli Coaching Association
  • Director of training – at the interface between IKA and the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

CEO of IKA-Coaching LTD

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