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1. An orderly and structured methodology that has proven its effectiveness in thousands of cases over 22 years of activity.
2. Training and certification of 9000 graduates during the years of activity in which we gained a lot of experience in teaching, training and consulting.
3. The high number of specializations in Israel: ADHD, administrative, relationship, nutrition, family economy, health and more.
4. Senior lecturers with many years of experience in teaching, coaching and strategic consulting.
5. A professional community that significantly supports the professional and business development of the graduates after the course.
6. Original literature of 13 books which are also in the National Archives of Israel and are also cited abroad.
7. Experience in training coaches from around the world in hybrid technology that was incorporated already in 2016 before the corona virus.
8. Values of professionalism, fairness and respect towards every student and employee at IKEA.
9. Adherence to a code of ethics, integration of professional liability insurance and constant professional improvement of the graduates.
10. We undertake to:
- A quality learning experience.
- Improving results in personal and professional life.
- Ability to deliver strategic training and consulting processes, at a high professional level.
- Professional support in building an independent business.
Ten advanteges of IKA's Certification
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