IKA is a school of training and international certification of Coaches (all specializations) and Strategic Consultants. Our activity exists since 2002. During those years we had certified more than 9000 graduates from Israel and Worldwide. Our courses are delivered according to a structured, orderly and exclusive methodology which has demonstrated the Its effectiveness in tens of thousands of training and consulting cases accompanied by our graduates over the years. This methodology is described in 13 professional books written by Reuven Katz (deceased), the founder of IKA and which are also in the National Archives of Israel. IKA's methodology continues to be constantly updated, developed and adapted to the changing global management and life environment that characterizes our time, by IKA's CEO, Dr. Lior (Liviu Marius) David, who is continuing the professional path of Reuven Katz. The methodology of IKA is very structured and orderly and allows our qualified trainers and consultants to use it very effectively and in full professional control with their clients to help them achieve significant and extraordinary achievements within the training and consulting processes. Starting in 2016, long before the Corona virus, IKA began to hold hybrid courses using technologies Advanced learning to integrate students who join from a distance, from Israel and the world, into the face-to-face classes. This instructional component created an extraordinary and experiential interaction during the courses in which a student sitting in a classroom in Israel practices using the IKA system against a student participating in a course from abroad while maximizing the personal experience of both and creating an experience Extraordinary multicultural learning. The graduate of IKA's course, after completing the course, is accompanied throughout the year by a professional graduate community which serves as an incubator for independent professional development after graduation. As part of these activities, supervision meetings are held, guidance in promoting the independent business, and more.