Certification for International                                 Master Coach- IMC

Specialization in management training The modern manager operates in a dynamic and changing global management environment, characterized by uncertainty, instability, dealing with infinite amounts of information and the need for multidisciplinary management skills. Under these conditions, the management coach helps the managers whom he accompanies, to maximize their management and business results while achieving optimal self-realization in the organization and in the role. The specialization deals with the study and implementation of a unique methodology which is intended to help managers at all levels and in all types of organizations to formulate a personal management strategy for themselves which on the one hand will enable effective promotion of the organization's strategy and on the other hand will give the manager the opportunity to express his managerial "I believe" while self-realizing I am best in the role on the side of developing multidisciplinary management skills necessary to effectively deal with the modern management maze. Today, this synergy between the effective promotion of the organization's strategy and the freedom to stamp the manager's personal stamp on the position according to his perception, is very necessary for the manager's success in the position, his professional progress as well as his remaining in the organization over time. 

Specializing in training for ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder with clinical manifestations that are often demonstrated from childhood and have consequences for the ability to realize personal potential in various areas of life, such as: career and studies, general personal conduct, communication and relationships, organization, and more. In recent years, there is a growing trend that encourages the integration of training processes for the purpose of effective management of the attention disorder and acquiring tools to effectively deal with the set of expressions described. The training methodology may in many cases lead to improved achievements while realizing the multidisciplinary personal potential of the trainee with attention disorder. Another trend is manifested in the increasing integration of the training methodology in conducting interactive trainings for the "population surrounding" those with attention disorders, such as parents, teachers, school counselors, etc. The specialization deals with the study, practice and implementation of the training methodology for effective accompaniment of those with attention and concentration disorders of all ages and with conducting quality trainings for the close population that accompanies those with attention disorders.  

Specialization in nutrition training The connection between a person's nutritional habits and the quality of his life is a clear and direct connection: dietary habits have a proven and significant effect on a person's health throughout his life, on his sense of vitality, his sense of security and self-image, his level of effectiveness in his general activity in all areas and other effects. In the modern world there are "dietary temptations" that only keep developing every day, the lifestyle is very intense, dynamic and demanding and in such a situation there is little ability to resist those temptations. To this are also added genetic, psychological, cultural, educational and other factors. This condition forms "poor nutritional habits" over the years. A short-term intervention in the style of "Zabang and Gemarno" cannot bring about a sustainable change of those "poor dietary habits". The said is also reflected in a distinct conflict that exists in our world between a preference for a momentary state of pleasure (immediate gratification) and a preference for a state of prolonged quality of life that originates precisely from avoiding situations of immediate gratification. This conflict is reflected in many dealing with significant fluctuations in body weight throughout their lives and the difficulty of maintaining a normal body weight over time. We at IKEA believe that only a fundamental change in a person's "dietary habits" can bring them to a state of long-term maintenance of a normal body weight. Since this is a complex behavioral change, the chances of its success increase significantly when it is done in an in-depth, thorough, gradual and prolonged professional process. The internship deals with the training of trainers who will be able to accompany groups of trainees in the process of significant behavioral change through training to develop skills to maintain a healthy body weight.       

Specializing in training for couples and relationships Few of their factors have a more significant impact on the quality of a person's life and their happiness than the relationship in which he is a partner, or the lack of such a relationship. How to find the right partner, how to build a life as a couple and how to maintain a relationship over time? These are the fundamental questions answered by relationship training. The specialization teaches how to use the training tools in order to help trainees identify their expectations and aspirations from a relationship, to optimize the selection of the appropriate partner, to find their place within the marital system without harming the delicate structure of its existence, to allow room for development for the partner within the relationship and to build the partnership as an engine for mutual development and for the partnership itself. The internship also deals with the place of communication in a relationship, communication styles, couple listening, what the trainer should do when the choice of the trainees is to break up the relationship and how to 'put a complex relationship back on its feet' of Chapter B.