Certification for International                 Strategic Consultant - ISPC

This plan is built up to the stage where it is possible to derive from it the most appropriate performance goals and action plans for its successful implementation and realization in reality. A correct strategy is the most influential factor on the success of individuals and organizations. The main role of the strategic consultant is to accompany relevant clients who are suitable for the process, from all areas of activity, in building the success strategy and implementing it in the most effective and appropriate way. The main purpose of this course is to train and qualify its graduates to serve as professional strategic consultants according to IKA's structured and unique methodology which provides thinking and operative tools for building a strategy and implementing it in an effective, systematic and professional way. Approach, method and structure of the course The course teaches and provides a comprehensive strategy consulting methodology A unique toolbox. This methodology has proven its effectiveness in building a success strategy and implementing it within the framework of individual or group coaching of managers from all fields of activity. The methodology taught in the course is suitable for mainly individual coaching (one on one) but also for small groups of the same managers or leaders From any field of activity who are entrusted and responsible (both at the administrative level and at the level of legal responsibility) to outline and lead the strategy of organizations of any kind. The modern management environment, with its various characteristics, exacerbates the feeling of "managerial loneliness" felt by the manager at the top of the pyramid. Strategic consulting according to the method The unique one taught in the course accompanies the manager by giving him a thinking and operative toolbox so that he can formulate and conceptualize the appropriate success strategy and implement it according to his values and his managerial "I believe". This methodology, with all its stages, components and application tools, will be studied and corrected in the course. Based on the unique methodology for building a strategy, the students of the course will learn the methods of application in specific areas where building a strategy is required. Each student in the course will learn the methodology and the toolbox in the fields in which he is currently involved, and will be exposed to additional fields in which he may want to operate in the future.