Certification for International Professional Coach - IPC

The course is suitable for 3 types of participants: For those who wish to go through a significant personal development process. For those who are interested in taking the methodology to the existing worlds of employment to increase personal effectiveness in the career path and management.   For those interested in making a 180 degree change and becoming personal trainers. The graduates will be trained and authorized to act as personal and group trainers and will be able to accompany trainees who face challenges in the five areas of life: career, studies and management / family and relationship / leisure / society / quality of life (nutrition, physical activity, stress management, compliance and adherence to medical instructions). The studies are conducted in high-quality groups with personal attention and close supervision by the course instructor. The training program combines conceptual, theoretical and analytical learning in a combination of reading tasks and self-practice, exercises and demonstrations in class and practical application in the student's personal lives: Interactive learning that combines demonstrations, exercises, peer discussion and workshops demonstration of all training tools to the group of learners. Reading assignments to expand and deepen the theoretical knowledge underlying the methodology, studying, experiencing and practicing the methodological tools of coaching. Carrying out a practicum on 2 trainees. From meeting to meeting, the students will be asked to perform learning tasks, practicing the material and personal experience.