In memory of IKA founder MR.  REUVEN KATZ (Deceased)    1948-2016

When he was 18 years old, he won the national essay competition for youth, on the topic of peace, and received an award from the president of the country, Zalman Shazar. Following the win, he was able to choose an activity in the army, and he chose training and teaching, an activity that would accompany his life. Philosophical interest and thinking, in its theoretical aspects, applications and management, is his interest him all his life and engaged in the development of his ideas in an attempt to distill man's deep inner motives and motivations, in an attempt to achieve a fuller realization of potential. In his twenties and thirties, along with studying philosophy at Tel Aviv University, he spent several years in Africa and the United States, where he studied and was a student of Peter Drucker, the father of modern management theory. After his marriage to Deborah, who is a clinical psychologist, he moved to Haifa, while continuing his activities in Tel Aviv. He had two sons, Ron and Asaf Katz (1991, 1995). Ron is majoring in clinical psychology and is a senior partner at Ikea and Asaf has a good relationship with the company and is doing a master's degree in economics. Lazion Shahva, Reuven's twin sister, is still in a warm and high-quality relationship with the CEO of IKA and continues Reuven's professional path. Reuven was a top-ranking strategic consultant, trainer and mentor in Israel. He served as academic director of the program for training and certifying strategic consultants, trainers and mentors at the Technion, Tel College Chai and Sapir College. He founded IKA and gained over 30 years of experience in strategic consulting and in implementing tools for building strategies in the leading organizations in Israel. He developed a unique training and consulting methodology based on "resultative thinking", a methodology that has proven its effectiveness in tens of thousands of cases provided by Reuven himself and By over 9000 graduates of his courses.IKA consistently continues the distribution and implementation of this effective methodology, thus spreading the great added value that Reuven brought to humanity through the development of this methodology. He wrote and authored over 13 leading books in the field of counseling and coaching, books that are also in the National Archives of Israel and are cited in the bibliography in selected professional writings in the field of coaching. Conducted hundreds of courses of training, consulting and implementation of the management by objectives (MBO) method, in academic institutions, business entities, various organizations and various places throughout the country. He was a first class lecturer who devoted his entire professional life to developing and direct contact with his clients and students. was a man of the people. At the end of his days, he was able to train a managerial and professional successor generation that continues with great appreciation and loyalty his professional and value path and the dissemination and assimilation of the unique methodology that he developed and which forms the core of IKA's professional activity.                                            

Of blessed memory.