The benefits of international certification at IKA

 Reputation and rich experience of 22 years in delivering coaching and consulting courses. An original, orderly, structured, unique and effective training and consulting methodology that is based on extensive and valued literature, penned by Reuven Katz, founder of IKA and continues to develop and grow all the time by Dr. Lior (Liviu Marius) David, CEO of IKA. Over 9000 graduates who report the extraordinary effectiveness of the methodology. In this context, we note that a third of the participants in our courses come by way of "a friend brings a friend". Over the years, the program has undergone feedback and control by an academic committee. Conducting an empirical study that demonstrates the methodological effectiveness of the results-oriented coaching and counseling process. Activity according to a professional, strict and evolving code of ethics which is incorporated into the courses and given to the consenting graduates. Developing groundbreaking technology for hybrid learning already in 2016 and gaining significant experience in leading courses that simultaneously combine face-to-face learning with distance learning. This process made IKEA's activities accessible to participants from all over the world. The offer of specializations in coaching, the largest in Israel. This topic attracts to us graduates from all coaching schools who are interested in specializing according to the IKA methodology and to refine their training and certification in coaching. Central values of professionalism, excellence, innovation, family and fairness that characterize Ikea's activities over 22 years. A professional alumni community that functions as a professional incubator for development and reprofessional business support after completing the course.