The ethical code of IKA members

IKA has a professional, comprehensive and detailed code of ethics that continues to develop all the time. The purpose of the code of ethics is to establish a system of professional and conduct boundaries and to regulate the relationship between the coach and the trainee, between the coach and IKA and between the coach and his professional colleagues. The ethical code is actually a set of rules which, like driving, regulates the driving procedures on the road, when the road here simulates the coach's training practice. The methodology is the "the practical methodology" regarding how to drive a car (how to activate the clutch, brakes, steering wheel, gears, blinkers, etc. while driving). The ethical code simulates the set of traffic signs whose role is to regulate the interaction with various parties on the road. IKA graduates are well-versed and undertake to act according to this code and to refresh it frequently, which is also done as part of the IKA community's activities.